Past Events


May 2005

BRAND Sense: BRAND sense
Martin Lindstrom
Tue, 17 May 2005
At this event, Martin Lindstrom, International business leader, reveals how the world's most successful companies integrate all five senses when building brands. Appealing to touch, taste, smell, sight and sound brings branding to the 21st century and provides significant results.
Quality, Quality, Quality: A passion for quality
Gordon Ramsay
Tue, 10 May 2005
Gordon Ramsay, internationally renowned chef, shares advice from his experiences in business that are applicable beyond the kitchen. From this event at the BFI Imax, Gordon’s tips include “avoid being trendy” and “never take customers for granted”.

March 2005

The Fight for Competitive Advantage: A business contest
Tom Peters
Richard Scase
Thu, 17 Mar 2005
Two heavyweight business speakers, Tom Peters and Professor Richard Scase, tussle it out over ideas that will help you add value to your business. They reveal what companies need to do to win the "fight for competitive advantage".

October 2004

The Three Gurus: Business issues explored
Ken Robinson
Richard Scase
Mon, 18 Oct 2004
Three gurus - Sir Ken Robinson, Professor Richard Scase and Steve McDermott - explore some of the most pressing business issues in this exclusive event at 30 St Mary Axe (aka. "The Gherkin")