Past Events

April 2017

Michelin Star Quality: Lessons from the kitchen
Michel Roux Jr
Tue, 25 Apr 2017
There are many lessons that those of us in business can learn from the world’s best kitchens. Overseeing huge weekly budgets, leading large teams and putting in 12-hour work days to deliver an outstanding customer experience every time means there are many parallels with the role of a busy, multi-tasking executive. At this event, Michel reveals what goes on behind the scenes to deliver gastronomic excellence consistently. He explains how to find and develop the best talent who work their way up in his kitchens to deliver impeccable quality under intense pressure.
Leading Introverts: The surprising truth behind quiet success
Susan Cain
Thu, 6 Apr 2017
In business the alpha approach is too frequently celebrated over quieter personalities. Shyness, sensitivity and seriousness are often seen as negative traits. But some of our most transformative leaders have been introverts: Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates… All more focused on their causes than their egos. At this event, Susan Cain explores how to embrace our own inner introverts and empower introverted employees.