Past Events

February 2016

Razor Sharp Focus: Peak performance under pressure
Jeff Grout
Tue, 23 Feb 2016
What gives people that extra winning edge? Natural talent and disciplined training are vital but Jeff Grout argues it's mindset that makes a champion. At this event, he explores how the focus and mental processes of winners enables them to perform at their peak every time. Drawing on extensive first-hand experience working with winners from the world of sport, Jeff reveals coaching techniques that are just as useful in business.
Success: The good psychopath's guide
Kevin Dutton
Tue, 23 Feb 2016
What is a good psychopath? Can thinking like one really help the rest of us? Professor Kevin Dutton has created The Good Psychopath Manifesto, which can help us all get the very best out of ourselves and others. Unlike bad psychopaths, good ones can dial up or down qualities such as fearlessness, focus and empathy. Kevin reveals how following their example can lead to greater self-fulfilment and help everyone excel in business.
Presence: A guide for aspiring power posers
Amy Cuddy
Wed, 10 Feb 2016
At this event, Amy Cuddy reveals how simple changes to our physiology can boost self-confidence and increase our influence on others. Based on cutting-edge science, Amy explains how to adopt behaviours that reflect power and strength to overcome the fear and doubts that obstruct us. Body language affects how others see us but it can also change how we see ourselves. Amy’s ‘power poses’ help us have greater presence in life’s high-pressure moments.