Past Events

October 2015

The Power of Feedback: Give-and-take with the right attitude
Leon Taylor
David Smith
Wed, 14 Oct 2015
Feedback is one of the most powerful tools in business. It's free and can transform performance. Leon Taylor and David Smith explore how the world's most successful companies cultivate a coaching style of leadership to model the way forward. These businesses recognise the importance of praising positive traits in order to highlight areas for improvement. This event offers practical tips and techniques to embed feedback as a constant and critical part of your business culture.
Creative Hubs: Turn your office into an ideas factory
Susan Greenfield
Wed, 14 Oct 2015
What is creativity? What's going on in our brains during those first stages of an idea? How can we enhance this process? At this event, Baroness Susan Greenfield explores what it means to be creative and reveals how to promote creativity in the workplace. Susan explains how new digital technologies have placed us in an unprecedented environment, in which our brains have to adapt in new ways with vast implications for both professional and personal life in the 21st century.
Innovate: Execute game changing ideas
Rafe Offer
Tue, 6 Oct 2015
Discover how to breathe new life and value into your company in this candid look at innovation stories from Disney, Coca-Cola, Amazon and more. A former insider at some of the world's biggest brands, Rafe Offer rummages through their dirty laundry to reveal how they created billion dollar businesses – or, in some cases, missed out. Full of entertaining stories and hard-learned lessons, Rafe explores how to make your own ideas reality.
Gravitas 2016: How to speak so others listen
Caroline Goyder
Tue, 6 Oct 2015
Have you ever wondered why some people earn attention and respect when they speak and others don't? Their secret can be summed up in one word: gravitas. At this event, leading voice coach and speaker Caroline Goyder reveals how to speak so others will listen. An essential tool for the modern workplace, Caroline explains how to build your natural gravitas and give your voice the authority to make people sit up and pay attention.
Virgin: Branson on business
Richard Branson
Fri, 2 Oct 2015
A recent YOUGOV poll found the person British workers would most like as their manager was Sir Richard Branson. At this event, we hear from the man himself. We find out what qualities are essential for success, what leadership means to him, how to put people at the heart of your business and much more. Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or the head of a FTSE 250 company, Sir Richard’s leadership tips and insights are invaluable.

May 2015

Do It: Why positive action is more powerful than positive thinking
Richard Wiseman
Tue, 12 May 2015
Psychologist Richard Wiseman delivers fast-acting, myth-busting tips on how we can achieve our aims and ambitions. From communication to creativity, resilience to relationships, persuasion to procrastination and mood to motivation, Richard turns conventional self-help on its head.