Past Events

October 2012

One Minute Manager: Techniques to increase productivity and profits
Ken Blanchard
Wed, 24 Oct 2012
Few people have influenced the day-to-day management of companies more than Ken Blanchard. One Minute Manager started a management revolution and businesses still follow its timeless techniques. At this event Ken demonstrates how following three practical management practices will improve your bottom line.
The Iron Lady: Leadership lessons from Margaret Thatcher
Edwina Currie
Tue, 23 Oct 2012
Few prime ministers have had the courage to change Britain and its place in the world as radically as Margaret Thatcher. At this event, Edwina Currie reveals what it was like to be led by Thatcher, as well as what modern leaders and managers can learn from her leadership style.
Creativity: Mind mapping for business
Tony Buzan
Wed, 3 Oct 2012
At this event, Tony Buzan illustrates a wide range of business applications for Mind Mapping that help with organisation, efficiency, problem solving, focus and creativity. He reveals how any business model can be simplified and enhanced using Mind Maps, boosting productivity and innovation.
The Naked Coach: Business coaching made easy
David Taylor
Wed, 3 Oct 2012
Understanding, learning and teaching coaching can be simple and it should be at the heart of any business agenda. At this event, David Taylor gives his no fuss, no jargon guide to business coaching. David provides practical techniques that will enable you to consistently get the best out of your team.