Past Events

March 2007

The Way of the Dog: A sales masterclass
Geoff Burch
Thu, 29 Mar 2007
Geoff Burch is the archetypal salesman; cheeky and fierce. In this event, he shares his sales experience - how satisfaction and performance rates can be misleading and being remarkable is key. His top tip: All frontline staff should sell, including security guards at 3am.
How to Be Brilliant: How to be better than good
Michael Heppell
Thu, 29 Mar 2007
For many of us, good really isn’t good enough. We want to be the best we can be and seize every opportunity with energy and enthusiasm. At this motivational event, celebrating the 10th anniversary of How to Be Brilliant, Michael Heppell shares practical techniques for embracing every day and every opportunity with positivity, energy and enthusiasm.
Bottled for Business: Corporate success
Karan Bilimoria
Tue, 6 Mar 2007
As Lord Karan Bilimoria speaks, you would never guess while establishing Cobra Beer he ran up huge debts, changed the name of his product last minute and took many other risks. Like all good stories, his evokes the senses. He explains how to overcome great obstacles and leaves you fizzing with ideas.