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A great way to help our managers escape the office and broaden their thinking, bringing creativity and energy back to the workplace.
Head of Talent
Fabulous talks and insights from the business world.
Leadership Development Manager
LBF events are a brilliant way for us to get new inspiration in a bitesized way, and to access speakers we otherwise wouldn't be able to. Our people use the sessions to gain knowledge about new trends, and it helps them identify a new way of doing things at work. They might also attend an event as a taster in order to decide whether to learn more about that topic later or not. Either way, it is an easy and inspiring way of getting fast insights. LBF events also help engagement: People come back feeling inspired and energised!
People & Leadership Development Manager
London Business Forum has been an extra source of inspiration for our senior teams - allowing access to speakers and ideas that have positively influenced the business, and supported development of individuals. Particularly giving opportunity for people to reflect on themselves and their habits to evaluate how they can have a more positive impact on the business.
Training & Development
London Business Forum has enabled our people to attend a variety of events across a wide range of business issues. Individuals have been motivated and inspired by the leadership, business acumen and inspiration of speakers such as Richard Branson, Ranulph Fiennes and Gordon Ramsay.
Head of Human Resources
Big Yellow Group
London Business Forum events provide us with amazing learning opportunities and inspiration for the development of our employees and ourselves. We use the tickets to them also to reward the work of our internal trainers which is a very popular recognition!
Learning & Knowledge Leader for IBM GBS Europe
LBF events are part of my team's personal development toolkit, and also used as a reward for those who've gone above and beyond to deliver for our customers. Attendees always share their key learnings so the whole team benefits as well as the individual. We like the packages of tickets for their flexibility, so we can tailor the choice of event/masterclass to each individual's needs or interests.
Vice President Consumables
London Business Forum always has many great inspirational speakers, on a wide and diverse range of topics with great venues and provides an opportunity for like-minded people to network and build beneficial business relationships.
London Business Forum provide a wide range of stimulating speakers. Well managed events help our Management Team to broaden their business perspective.
Management Development
Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd
Access to world-class speakers and cutting edge thinking.
Learning & Development Manager
Canon UK
Since 2013 NATS employees have attended a wide range of London Business Forum (LBF) events. These thought provoking events have given our employees a large array of tools and techniques to implement back into the business to help them in their roles and with their development. The team at LBF provide a high quality service and seamless administration for these events. They are highly efficient, flexible and easy to work with.
Leadership Development
London Business Forum gives our Senior Managers and Business Leaders the rare opportunity to immerse themselves in a topic from a specialist's perspective and consider how they can bring their learning back to our business. Thought provoking topics and engaging speakers inspire our people to think differently.
Development & Culture Partner
White Stuff
The events held by the London Business Forum have proved very popular with our senior managers and leaders at First Rate Exchange Services. Many come back re-energised and take time to share the lessons learnt from the event with their teams or show the video to provoke further discussion. Attendance at these events fits in with our thinking that learning is pulled not pushed, is bite-sized and that it can happen at any time.
Learning & Development
First Rate
Microsoft have a long standing relationship with the London Business Forum as they provide high quality industry talks which engage, educate and excite our employees.The feedback post event is always outstanding and the broad variety of topics offered throughout the year is comprehensive.
Assistant HR Manager
An effective way to stay connected to current thinking on business and leadership challenges.
Head of Talent & Development
London Business Forum events are a fantastic way for our people to get away from their day to day working lives and make time to be inspired. The topics on offer are insightful and relevant for our ever changing fast paced world and presented in an engaging, thought provoking and entertaining way. Our people have been particularly impressed with the quality of thought leaders and experts that the LBF uses, referencing often that they came away with real and tangible positive action for change.
Head of Talent & Development
Hackney Council was recently crowned 'Council of the Last 20 Years' at the prestigious Local Government Chronicle (LGC) Awards. One reason for Hackney’s great success is our openness to inspiration and ideas from external sources. Inspiration and ideas are what the London Business Forum do best. LBF speakers always say something that challenges you and makes you think differently. Hackney offers managers the opportunity to attend LBF events as part of their personal development and they always come back with rave reviews.
Senior HR and OD Adviser
Hackney Council
London Business Forum events add an enviable external focus to our senior manager development programmes. The events enable our managers to network with others from different business sectors and hear from leading figures we could not access directly. LBF has been a real success story in our L&D programmes helping us continue to offer relevant, engaging and memorable content.
Group Learning and Development Manager
Jurys Inn Group
At Post Office, we want our senior leaders to see learning as something they choose to do and not just something that the organisation tells them to do. We want them to have access to structured seminars which offer them short, sharp bursts of thinking that they can then interpret to enhance their own leadership and development in the way that’s right for them as individuals. London Business Forum events provide a great framework for us to achieve this and our leaders enjoy the variety, content and quality of the speakers.
Learning & Development Manager
Post Office Ltd
The topics, speakers and venues are excellent. This is the perfect way for business people to get inspiration and insight for a small investment of their time.
Head of Learning and Development
Squire Patton Boggs
We've seen a shift in mindset and more innovation from our leaders.
Learning & Development Manager

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