How to manage people well

  • Improve wellness throughout your organisation
  • Find out why good health is good for business
  • Create a healthier workplace and encourage better work-life balance

Cary Cooper is leading the movement to improve workplace wellness in the UK and globally. He believes that managing the health and wellbeing of your people is fundamental to the success of your organisation and is the responsibility of every line manager.

At this event he will inspire organisations - and the managers within them - to think more carefully about the opportunities that healthy, high-performing employees can bring through increased productivity.

Cary will explore best practices and offer insights into proven strategies to support a healthy workforce. Join us to ensure your workplace culture is not workaholic but is instead flexible and manages people well.

Cary Cooper's picture
Cary Cooper

Professor Sir Cary L Cooper is the current President of the CIPD as well as the 50th Anniversary Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Alliance Manchester Business School. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on health and wellbeing in the workplace. Cary has previously held high profile positions at the Manchester School of Management and Lancaster University. 

Cary was named HR’s most influential thinker by HR Magazine in 2014. He is a prolific author and has written over 160 books on occupational stress, women at work and industrial and organisational psychology.