Inspiring peak performance remotely (virtual event)

Our virtual events bring the inspirational, fun and engaging experiences the London Business Forum is known for online. You can expect the same mix of great ideas alongside new levels of interaction and engagement, taking full advantage of technology.

  • Channel motivation and unlock passion
  • Measure performance in a meaningful way
  • Trust your instincts to build and sustain a culture of success

In 2013, Ben Ryan was appointed to lead the Fiji Rugby programme with precious little budget and only the most basic of facilities to train and develop the raw Fijian athletes. Three years later, his leadership delivered the country’s first gold medal at the Rio Olympic games. Ben will show that his winning coaching techniques can work just as well in the virtual world as they do in person.

Ben will explore how the right kind of leadership, collaboration, teamwork, communication and culture are essential for peak performance. He will focus on the mindful development of people, open communication and the power of active listening as he suggests effective ways to motivate teams. Build trust, measure performance and, with the right tools, lead your team to success even against all the odds.

In order to fully participate in this virtual event, you will need a Zoom account, a webcam and microphone. The session will be recorded but will be available only to those who have booked a place on the webinar.

Ben Ryan's picture
Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan is widely hailed as one of the world’s leading coaches and is the only coach to have won Continental, World and Olympic titles. Ben is an ambassador for HSBC and Fiji Airways and currently a consultant for many world class organisations, both within and outside the sporting world. In 2016, he was given the Fijian name of Ratu Peni Rayani Latianara along with 3 acres of land in Serua, a province he claims as his hometown.