Under Pressure

Leadership lessons from the Met

  • Set the vision, simplify and communicate clearly
  • Inspire a can-do attitude
  • Value courage, compassion and integrity

Bernard Hogan-Howe was the commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police Service (Met) from 2011 until 2017. He helped London to navigate the 2012 Olympics without incident and is widely regarded to have made London significantly safer despite facing 'severe' threat levels. At the same time, he was leading a process of transformation throughout the Met.

During his tenure as commissioner, he employed five clear leadership techniques — vision, communication, team building, fiscal discipline, and partnerships and engagement to develop a set of clear priorities for the Met and work with his officers to devise a strategy to achieve those goals. Bernard reinforced his vision by engaging in substantive, in-person dialogue with his staff at all levels, a huge but critical investment of valuable time which helped to forge the bonds that bind a large, diffuse organisation like the Met together.

Bernard will explore leadership lessons including how to strike a balance between introducing new approaches, incorporating diverse ideas and coping with constant and sudden change.

Bernard Hogan-Howe

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe was the most senior police officer in the UK. He led the Metropolitan Police, an organisation of nearly 50,000 people with a budget of £3.2 billion. He was directly accountable to the Home Secretary and had national responsibilities, which included leading counter terrorism policing throughout the UK and protecting the Royal Family and senior members of the government both at home and abroad.

Bernard's career has been characterised by high achievement, having successfully delivered numerous strategic objectives and efficiency improvements. He was made a life peer in October 2017.