Six ways to attract, keep and inspire great people

  • Make work meaningful
  • Build a strong workplace culture
  • Create an authentic organisation

How will your company survive and thrive in the new world?  How will you attract the right people, keep them, and inspire them to do their best work? How do you create a culture people want to belong to?

Gareth Jones will identify the six key organisational attributes that create a great workplace. With vivid stories and examples from global companies, he’ll illustrate the kind of strong, attractive workplace culture that leads to sustained high performance.

Gareth will show that when you allow people to be themselves, they will be free to develop their strengths. Discover the power of honesty, the magic of authenticity, the key ingredient of purpose and why rules should always be simple.

Gareth Jones's picture
Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones’s career has spanned both the academic and business worlds. For the former he has spent time with London Business School, Henley and the IE Business School, Madrid. For the latter he has enjoyed corporate roles at Polygram, then the world’s largest recorded music company and most recently at the BBC as director of human resources and internal communications. He is a founding partner of Creative Management Associates (CMA).