How to achieve more in less time

  • How to be more effective
  • How to focus on work that produces results
  • Discover shortcuts to unreasonable success

If you could achieve more with less effort, time and resources, would you be interested? With The 80/20 Principle you can do just that, transforming your approach to work and increasing your organisation’s effectiveness. 

Richard Koch will show how The 80/20 Principle – the fact that 80% of the results flow from 20% of the causes – is the key to taking control personally and professionally. Most of what we do has trivial results. Discover how to channel your energy into the little of what we do that really matters. 

The 80/20 Principle is the one true principle of highly effective people and organisations. Richard will reveal how you can concentrate on the all-important 20% to achieve several times the results. Specifically he will reveal three easy and reliable ways to double or triple profits.

Richard Koch's picture
Richard Koch

Richard Koch is an entrepreneur, investor, former strategy consultant and author of many books on business and ideas, including four books on how to apply the 80-20 principle in any walk of life to work less yet multiply fun and profit.  He is not just a theorist, but also a practitioner. In the past 37 years his investments have grown at 22% compound per annum.  Companies he has started or actively invested in include Filofax, Fanduel, Plymouth Gin, Belgo, Auto 1, and Betfair, the world’s largest betting exchange.  He co-founded LEK, now a global strategy consultancy, and it grew from 3 to 350 professionals when Richard was there.

The 80-20 Principle was substantially updated in 2017 and has sold more than one million copies. It was named by GQ magazine as one of the top 25 business books of all time. His new book is Unreasonable Success And How To Achieve It.  In it Richard draws an original map of success which he says can propel anyone to new heights of accomplishment.  High success, he says, does not require genius, consistency, or even basic competence, but it does require 9 key ‘landmarks’, attitudes and strategies which are common to nearly all people who change the world.

Richard is a prolific blogger and podcaster, and has recently been featured at great length on a very popular edition of The Tim Ferriss Show, and can be listened to here.