The fastest MBA programme in the world

  • Cover the core syllabus of an MBA in just 80 minutes
  • Experience the latest cutting edge business ideas
  • Learn the essentials of great leadership and communication

Our most popular session, the 80 Minute MBA covers the core syllabus of an MBA programme but in a fun and engaging way at supersonic speed.

This event guarantees a hit of high-quality business ideas without spending years at business school. It will help inspire your thinking on such key issues as leadership, culture, sustainability and communication.

You will receive an injection of inspiration, creative thinking and dynamic approaches that will help you see the world of business differently.

John Knell's picture
John Knell

John Knell is one of the UK’s leading thinkers on the changing face of work and organisations. John has worked with a wide range of corporate clients, including Microsoft, Astra Zeneca, Eversheds, Lloyds, Siemens and UNICEF. He is co-author of The 80 Minute MBA with Richard Reeves.