Create your own business blockbuster

  • Learn the art of great storytelling
  • Use story to inspire and engage your people
  • Discover ways to be authentic and build trust

Storytelling is a power-tool of leadership. It’s more important than ever for leaders to master the art of story; not just telling stories about what’s happened but creating authentic stories about what’s to come.

At this event David Pearl outlines the must-have techniques to create a compelling story and deliver it with power. He’ll look at ways to allay fears within your teams and inspire those around you in a shared vision.

When David refers to 'leaders' he doesn't just mean those in the headlines. He's talking about everyday leadership. If you're the kind of person who wants to get something done, if you have a team that looks to you for direction, if you're trying to change the status quo or make the world a better place, this event is for you.

David Pearl

David Pearl has been performing since he made his debut, aged 9, at the Royal Opera House alongside Placido Domingo. Later he set up two mould-breaking opera ensembles, co-founded the pioneering arts-in-business agency Lively Arts, presented his own music show on BBC2 and wrote for the great filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick. Since then he has worked with numerous organisations to bring more creativity to the workplace and today he is a creative confidant to business leaders around the world. In 2015 he founded Street Wisdom, a social venture that brings urban inspiration to cities in 27 countries…and counting. Somehow he also finds time to lead the Pearl Group and is author of Will There Be Donut; How to Wow and Story for Leaders.