How to harness the voice in your head

  • Defeat negative and disorienting self-talk
  • Transform the most important conversation you have each day - the one with yourself
  • Make your inner voice work for you

Tell a stranger that you talk to yourself and you might be labelled eccentric. But the truth is that we all have a voice in our head. The voice is our inner coach and our inner critic. When we’re facing a tough task, our inner coach can inspire us but, just as often, our inner critic can sink us entirely.

The good news is that we’re already equipped with the tools we need to make our inner voice work in our favour. These tools are available in the words we use to think about ourselves, the technologies we embrace, the conversations we have and the cultures we create in our workplaces.

Interweaving ground-breaking behavioural and brain research with real-world case studies, award-winning psychologist Ethan Kross will reveal the hidden power of our inner voice. He will explain how we can harness it to live a healthier and more successful personal and professional life.

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Ethan Kross

Ethan Kross is one of the world’s leading experts on controlling the conscious mind. An award-winning professor in the University of Michigan’s top ranked Psychology Department and its Ross School of Business. He founded the Emotion & Self Control Laboratory where he studies how the conversations people have with themselves impact their health, performance, decisions and relationships. Ethan has participated in policy discussion at the White House and his pioneering research has been featured in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Forbes and Time. He is author of Chatter: The Voice in Our Head and How to Harness It.