A guide to inner and outer toughness

We understand you may have concerns around attending our events in light of the covid-19 pandemic. We continue to monitor the risks carefully and will always follow Government guidance.

This session will go ahead on the date and time shown. Ideally, we will deliver the event from the venue listed and livestream the session so anyone signed up does not have to attend in person. However, if necessary we will deliver the session virtually via an online platform.

  • Understand why - resilience is an important life and leadership skill
  • Know what – scientific insights that make a difference at work and home
  • Learn how - practical tools you can apply straight away

As a leader knowing how to maintain and boost your resilience is essential. Uncertain times, creativity and change all draw on our resilience and, inevitably in life, we have to navigate personal downs as well as ups. So how do we ride the waves of work and life more successfully so that we not only survive but thrive? How do we help those around us to do so too?

Human beings are a naturally resilient species. The latest science reveals we can add skills and strategies to our personal psychological toolkit that not only enable us to deal with difficulties more effectively but boost our wellbeing along the way.

Discover the key ingredients of resilience and pick up practical tips that you can put into action immediately. You’ll learn inner mindset strategies and outer tactics that will not only help you perform better but will help you feel happier too.

Vanessa King's picture
Vanessa King

Vanessa King is one of the few people in the UK to have studied the psychology of resilience and wellbeing under Dr Martin Seligman and many other leading academics in the field and trained as a facilitator on the University of Pennsylvania’s mental fitness programme for US Army Drill Sergeants.  She is psychology expert for social movement Action for Happiness and leads their work with a wide range of workplaces and organisations nationally and internationally. Regularly appearing in the media, Vanessa is the author of two books, including 10 Keys to Happier Living, a framework which has inspired people around the world take action.