7 steps to confident public speaking

  • Learn how to conquer nerves and connect with your audience
  • Find out how to best structure a talk and deliver a clear message
  • Develop the confidence to be yourself

Most of us are relaxed and confident when we’re with our friends and family. We can tell a story or even tell a joke. Put us on a platform and we can feel very different. When we speak to an audience, we often don our public mask and use a different voice. Why can’t we seem to be ourselves when we present?

In this session Robin will explore all aspects of spoken communication, from structure right through to delivery. He will reveal how to have an authentic conversation with our audience – to be ourselves – and deliver our message with energy and clarity.

In 7 simple steps, learn the art of confident and authentic public speaking.

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Robin Kermode

Robin Kermode is one of Europe's leading communication coaches, working globally with senior executives, politicians and media personalities. He originally trained as an actor and is a well-known face to audiences on television and the London stage. Robin helps clients find their natural, authentic voice so they can speak with maximum impact and influence. Robin is author of Speak So Your Audience Will Listen: 7 Steps to Confident and Authentic Public Speaking.