People Power

Creative thinking the Google way

  • Business critical thinking, 10 times a day
  • Be disruptive to access new levels of creativity
  • Create the perfect conditions for innovation

Kirk Vallis is on a mission! A mission to ensure that human beings receive fair credit for our part in all the creativity that happens in the world. Too often, he argues, we forget that people drive innovation, not technology.

That’s why people matter. But what do people need to work at their best creatively? Why are some organisations more innovative than others? What’s their secret? As global head of creative leadership development at Google, Kirk Vallis answers those very questions by watching Googlers at work. He sees the same behaviours, attitudes and dynamics at play when they are at their most creative and ensures these are called on whenever fresh thinking is required.

Whatever the challenge, it’s the conditions we create for ourselves and others in those moments, as well as the behaviours we adopt, that is the difference between getting stuff done and getting awesome stuff done! There is a creative leader in all of us, find the one in you at this event.

Kirk Vallis

Kirk Vallis is global head of creative leadership development at Google. His goal is to unleash the creative potential in everyone there. Kirk spends most of his time helping Google to close the gap between how we know we should behave at work and how we often do. 

Away from Google, Kirk is an advisor, coach and public speaker. He is also an ambassador for Women Ahead and Moving Ahead, a social enterprise focused on helping women and former athletes succeed in business and the leadership of sport. Kirk is also a mentor to The Hope Fund for Cancer Research, helping some of the world’s most respected biologists, geneticists and Nobel prize winners to disrupt traditional thinking.