How to lead from the shadows

  • How to influence decisions at the top
  • Leadership out of the limelight
  • Enjoy success without being No. 1

Not everyone can be in charge but, more importantly, not everyone should want to be.

Richard Hytner, former Deputy Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, believes it is time to celebrate the second-in-commands: from Merlin, to Al Gore, Rasputin to Machiavelli. Far from being also-rans, these are the deputies, the Vice Presidents, the C-suite, the department heads – lieutenants, advisers, and managers – whose influence determines the fate of projects, corporations and even nations.

Citing provocative research from psychology and academia, Richard will deliver insights into some of the most powerful advisers from the world of business. Find out what motivates the so-called No. 2s, what makes them great, and what bosses can do to help them flourish.

Richard Hytner

Until setting up creative management consultancy beta baboon in 2016, Richard Hytner was Saatchi & Saatchi’s deputy chairman, heading up its global strategy and innovation practice. At London Business School, Richard teaches as Adjunct Professor of Marketing on both degree and executive education programmes, including for EY, Vodafone, and Lloyd's of London. He is author of Consiglieri: Leading from the Shadows.