The 5 secrets every manager needs to know

  • Learn how to build trust and confidence
  • Discover how to influence and inspire
  • Explore the power of conversation

Being remote flies in the face of good management practice. Inaccessible, hard to find, and so far away from the action that you are a hazard to your colleagues.

Does remote have to be this way? Or, just as home working has now become second nature to many of us, might remote management offer both managers and those being managed some surprising upsides? 

Richard Hytner will share his five secrets to turn remote to your Managerial advantage.

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Richard Hytner

Former worldwide deputy chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi and CEO of creative management consultancy beta baboon, Richard now wears the blue hat to facilitate teams, helping them to identify and execute their best ideas. At London Business School, he teaches on both degree and executive education programmes and coaches leaders in both the private and public sector, including members of the Metropolitan Police Management Board. Mancunian-born, bred and wed, Richard co-founded Manchester United Supporter’s Trust and is a director of Foundation for Leadership through Sport. He is the author of Consiglieri: Leading from the Shadows.