Top tips to boost performance

  • Understand the inner workings of your brain
  • How to nourish your neurons
  • Transform your personal and corporate productivity

The brain is our biggest resource. It is behind all of our decisions, it drives our behaviours and delivers our results. Understanding how the brain works can transform our performance at work, making us more efficient, productive and effective.

At this event, Amy Brann makes the extraordinary insights from neuroscience accessible and shows how to use them to control your world from the inside out. Leave stress, negative moods and poor time-management behind by adopting habits that will improve the way you work.

Be your best and get the most out of yourself and your time with Amy’s practical tips and habits – discover how to make your brain work for you!

Amy Brann

Amy Brann blends her academic knowledge of how the brain works with her experience of leaders’ challenges to share uniquely insightful ways forward. Amy studied foundational neuroscience at UCL medical school before training as a coach. Delivering 12,000 hours of coaching and consulting to leaders means she has seen, and helped deal with, problems in every sector and many different types of organisation. 

Amy has had broad cultural experiences including running sales teams in Asia, managing coaching teams in Belize and Egypt, and running culture change programmes globally. She is the author of Make Your Brain Work, Neuroscience for Coaches and Engaged: The Neuroscience behind Creating Productive People in Successful Organisations.