Lead with Purpose

How to put emotional intelligence into action

  • Discover the power of purpose for inspirational leadership
  • Transform your mind-set to perform at your best every day
  • Build strong and enduring relationships to sustain your success

What is your purpose? This is the most important question you can ever ask and the answer will shape your future.

In our complex, fast paced and uncertain world most of us are too busy tackling our to-do lists to figure out our ultimate purpose.  We operate on autopilot with a tendency to repeat habits which can undermine the very outcomes they are trying to achieve.  It's only when you discover your big why that you'll become purpose-led and able to create a roadmap to guide you in the direction you want to travel.

This event provides the opportunity to accelerate your learning and development and realise your potential in work, life and relationships.

Ben Renshaw

Ben Renshaw is one of today’s foremost leadership thinkers. Growing up as a classical violinist at the world renowned Yehudi Menuhin School he quickly realised that his vocation lay in bringing out the best in people. His latest book LEAD! inspires you to be the best leader you can be. Based on developing top-level leaders in major companies like Coca-Cola, Heathrow, Heinz, IHG, Sky and Unilever, Ben infuses his work with the real business at hand: how to lead with purpose and authenticity in order to maximise your leadership impact.