Why should anyone be led by you? (virtual event)

Our virtual events bring the inspirational, fun and engaging experiences the London Business Forum is known for online. You can expect the same mix of great ideas alongside new levels of interaction and engagement, taking full advantage of technology.

  • Situation sensing – effective leaders read situations, they collect soft data
  • Vision and purpose – leaders paint a vivid picture of where and why
  • Reveal humanity – leaders reveal who they really are, including their weaknesses
  • Getting things done – leaders demonstrate the value of competence over charisma

In these unprecedented times it is worth considering the implications on leadership for all of us. We have all become much more expert at staying in touch remotely. But some things for leaders stay the same. Effective leaders understand the importance of connecting with their people and getting under the skin of an organisation.

Great leaders set out a clear vision and purpose so that teams know where they are going and why. Successful leaders reveal who they really are, including their weaknesses. People want to be led by a real person who they can trust. In an era of rapid change, where people and organisations need to react more quickly than ever, it will be the leaders who can get things done who will become the most sought after. It turns out such leaders are to be found at all levels, as we are witnessing with key workers right across the frontline.

In order to fully participate in this virtual event, you will need a Zoom account, a webcam and microphone. The session will be recorded but will be available only to those who have booked a place on the webinar.

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Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones’s career has spanned both the academic and business worlds. For the former he has spent time with London Business School, Henley and the IE Business School, Madrid. For the latter he has enjoyed corporate roles at Polygram, then the world’s largest recorded music company and most recently at the BBC as director of human resources and internal communications. He is a founding partner of Creative Management Associates (CMA).