How to be successful by being yourself (virtual event)

Our virtual events bring the same inspiration, fun and engaging experience the London Business Forum is known for online. You can expect the same mix of great ideas alongside new levels of interaction and engagement, taking full advantage of technology.

  • Boost your confidence and tackle work head-on
  • Believe in yourself, your skills and your own efforts
  • Learn practical steps to help you succeed more often
  • And know how to help others do the same

Feel like an impostor? You're not alone, impostor syndrome is surprisingly common and saps the confidence from otherwise able managers and leaders.

David Taylor and Clair Carpenter will help you spot the symptoms of impostor syndrome so you can tackle it head-on. Overcome the fear that that your shortcomings will be exposed and instead learn to embrace and enjoy your accomplishments.

Full of practical techniques, this event will help you to think differently and inspire confidence in the workplace, by shifting focus from what makes you feel unworthy of a role, to what qualifies you.

In order to fully participate in this virtual event, you will need a Zoom account, a webcam and microphone. The session will be recorded but will be available only to those who have booked a place on the webinar.

Clair Carpenter's picture
Clair Carpenter

Clair Carpenter is the founder of The Naked Psychologist, and main psychology adviser to Naked Leader, stripping away the hype, jargon and mystery from behavioural science - down to the real reasons why people do what they do. Clients include Amex, CGI, IBM and Google. She is a Harvard qualified Psychologist and visiting Professor of Psychology and Leadership at Ulster University Business School, applying her learning, experience and skills to ensure that people actively choose to do what their organisations really need them to do.  Clair has delivered break through results in senior roles for blue chip organisations including EDF Energy, BUPA, HSBC and Bank of America to perform, transform and thrive under the auspices of ‘Cultural Transformation’, ‘Business Strategy’ , "Leadership Effectiveness' and ‘Talent Development’.

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David Taylor

David Taylor is the founder of The Naked Leader Group, helping leaders, teams and organisations achieve 3 times more value, confidence and agility from the people that they already have. He is the author of the fastest selling business book in the world, The Naked Leader, followed by four more global bestsellers. David is the Honorary Professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Ulster University Business School, the Business Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and Adviser on helping UK companies be successful in China.