Keeping everyone together remotely (virtual event)

Our virtual events bring the inspirational, fun and engaging experiences the London Business Forum is known for online. You can expect the same mix of great ideas alongside new levels of interaction and engagement, taking full advantage of technology.

  • Remember the brilliant basics and magic touches
  • Create an emotional connection to your purpose
  • Keep teams engaged and supported through dramatic change

In 2003, Sir Richard Branson offered Linda Moir an irresistible challenge – could she make flying fun? She became Virgin Atlantic’s director of customer service and introduced 'Brilliant Basics, Magic Touches' to cement Virgin's position as number one for service. In 2012, she brought her philosophy of fun to the London Olympics. Linda’s 17,000 volunteer Games Makers surprised the world by hosting 9 million spectators with personality and charm.

Fast forward to 2020 and Virgin Atlantic has grounded part of its fleet and proposed to cut at least a third of its workforce so do the old rules still apply in the new world? This virtual event will explore how, with the right motivation, training and support all kinds of ‘ordinary’ people can still do the most extraordinary things whatever the circumstances.

In order to fully participate in this virtual event, you will need a Zoom account, a webcam and microphone. The session will be recorded but will be available only to those who have booked a place on the webinar.

Linda Moir's picture
Linda Moir

Linda Moir started her career at British Airways before being appointed as HR Director for NATS (National Air Traffic Services) during the period of transition from public to private ownership. She then joined Virgin Atlantic as Director of Customer Service before leading the front-line Events Services at the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.