How to supercharge your wellbeing

  • Learn skills to unlock your emotional resilience
  • Challenge procrastination
  • Reach your full potential

There are many challenges facing our wellbeing as we struggle to cope under constant pressure to do more in less time.

This session will explore key skills such as empathy, pragmatism, conflict resolution, work/life balance and how to cope with uncertainty which, when used effectively, can transform your emotional capacity enabling you to reach your full potential.

Harry Barry will reveal how you can unlock your inner emotional resilience reserves, challenge procrastination, deal with the challenges of life and boost your wellbeing.

Harry Barry's picture
Harry Barry

Dr Harry Barry is a highly respected Irish author and medic, with over three decades of experience as a GP. With a keen interest in the area of wellbeing, Harry is the author of numerous books addressing various aspects of mental health including anxiety and resilience.