How to make work engaging and fun

We understand you may have concerns around attending our events in light of the covid-19 pandemic. We continue to monitor the risks carefully and will always follow Government guidance.

This session will go ahead on the date and time shown. Ideally, we will deliver the event from the venue listed and livestream the session so anyone signed up does not have to attend in person. However, if necessary we will deliver the session virtually via an online platform.

  • Create a sense of belonging to improve productivity
  • Reignite enthusiasm and passion at work
  • Bring out your personality and have fun

Work can be great. It offers structure and purpose; a sense of belonging and self-worth; the chance to progress and explore opportunities. But this can all get lost in the repetition, jam-packed calendars, endless meeting invites and an overflowing inbox.

Help is at hand. Bruce Daisley will present his manifesto for a new, better way of working. At this event, he will show how you can reignite the enthusiasm and passion for what you do. Feel alive rather than exhausted; build teams who are connected and passionate; exercise your personality and engage people with an infectious energy!

Discover the things that people really value and create a sense of belonging to improve productivity, energy and stamina. It is possible to love your job, join us to find out how.

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Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley has spent his career working in media and technology companies like Twitter, YouTube, Google and Emap. Along the way he’s become obsessed with making our jobs better and how often we get it wrong. Bruce’s book The Joy of Work is an attempt to escape the bad opinions that leaders bring to work culture and to replace them with evidence and facts.