Inspire employees to deliver great service

  • Have a 'North Star' that inspires employees every day
  • Create a distinct business personality for both employees and customers
  • Deliver great customer experiences consistently

Andrew McMillan believes that the customer experience reflects a company’s internal culture. You can’t make employees deliver great experiences but you can create an environment where they want to, for themselves and for their customers.

At this event, Andrew will draw upon his three decades’ experience at John Lewis to reveal how to build a customer-driven culture. He will explain that consistency is key to reputation and the whole team has to be brilliant with the customer, not just some, but all of the time.

Discover what the best organisations do to deliver memorable experiences and drive customer loyalty. It starts with happy and engaged employees.

Andrew McMillan's picture
Andrew McMillan

Andrew McMillan started his career as a management trainee with the John Lewis Partnership. Over the next eighteen years he led a number of selling teams in different branches, later moving to head office to lead the Intelligence Team - an internal consultancy.

Andrew was then asked to lead on customer service for the department store division. In this role, he helped develop John Lewis’s market-leading and customer-driven culture that has become synonymous with the brand. In 2008, Andrew left John Lewis to join a consultancy and set up his own in 2012. He now works globally with clients from all sectors.