How to be a superhuman ideas machine

  • Boost your creative powers
  • Learn creative lessons from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
  • Develop practical techniques for idea generation

Business challenges often call for creative solutions but what if you have no ideas? Marc Lewis, Dean of the multi award-winning School of Communication Arts 2.0, will dispel the myth that creative ability is a rare gift and prove that we all have ample reserves of creative potential.

Drawing upon case studies from some of the most high-profile creatives including Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Marc will reveal a universal formula for creativity. He will offer practical techniques to help you produce original and valuable ideas.  Discover your ‘super-human creative powers’.

Marc Lewis's picture
Marc Lewis

Marc Lewis is the enigmatic Dean of The School of Communication Arts 2.0 which he reopened in 2010.  Since then the SCA has been developing the next generation of creative thinkers and is widely regarded as the best creativity school in the world.  Marc was educated in the ways of creativity by the legendary educator from the advertising industry, John Gillard in the 1990s. Marc went on to create a series of technology start-ups creating over £50m in shareholder value in the process.