How to generate brilliant ideas

  • A masterclass in creativity and fresh thinking
  • Case studies from the world’s biggest brands
  • Forget reason and learn to embrace the irrational

Rory Sutherland will explain how to generate brilliant ideas, solve problems creatively and successfully influence the world around you.

You’ll discover why the very best business ideas don’t make rational sense. Great ideas make people feel more than they make them think.

Using jaw-dropping case studies from his work and research with the world’s biggest brands and influencers, Rory will reveal how to get ahead as a manager and leader in the modern world.

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Rory Sutherland

Vice chairman of Ogilvy UK, Rory Sutherland is widely regarded as an advertising legend. He writes the Spectator’s ‘Wiki Man’ column and presents Thought Cages for BBC Radio 4. His TED talks have over 7 million views.  In his first book, Alchemy he blends cutting-edge behavioural science, gripping stories and a touch of branding magic. Rory lives in the former home of Napoleon III - unfortunately in the attic.