Do more in a day than others do in a week

  • Develop a laser like focus on your priorities
  • Don’t let your inbox dictate your day
  • Stop procrastinating and start achieving

Crazy Busy has been developed using research, and advice from people who get it right most of the time. Learn practical tools to gain focus, control the hijackers, turbo-charge productivity and be five times more effective.

You’ll learn how to focus on priority tasks; communicate more effectively; be prepared to say no sometimes; improve your personal effectiveness; reduce meeting times; take control of your inbox and go home earlier, with more stuff done.

Learn habits and strategies to help you be five times more productive than you are now.

Zena Everett's picture
Zena Everett

Zena Everett is an Executive Coach, with a rare cocktail of entrepreneurial, head hunting and organisational psychology experience.  Previously she started and ran a recruitment business, where she became fascinated with why some candidates were more motivated, confident and successful than others.  She is the author of two books – Mind Flip and Crazy Busy.