Get what you want by living fearlessly

  • Discover how to face challenges with confidence
  • Learn the revolutionary BMD Method
  • Step outside your comfort zone

Are you feeling comfortable? If you want to reach your full potential, you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone.

Farrah Storr will reveal how the cost of a ‘comfortable’ world can be devastating – killing creativity, deadening ambition and making us fearful of change and the unknown. Discover why discomfort, the very thing we try to avoid, can in fact be the secret to success. Some of history’s greatest successes are a result of individuals stepping into their discomfort zones.

Consider this event “like HIIT training for your life.” Farrah’s revolutionary new formula – The BMD Method – will show you how to adopt brief moments of discomfort to prove that no challenge is insurmountable. You’ll leave ready to charge into your next challenge with confidence.

Farrah Storr's picture
Farrah Storr
Farrah Storr is the award-winning editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, where she has increased sales by an unprecedented 59% since she took over the helm of the brand. Farrah has taken the magazine back to its number one position for the first time in 15 years. In 2018, Farrah was named as one of the most powerful BAME leaders in the country by The Guardian. She is a regular spokesperson on women’s issues, diversity and career. Farrah is the author of The Discomfort Zone: How to get what you want be living fearlessly.