How to cope with anything

  • Explore the 6 phases of change
  • Find new ways forward, take control and offer support to those you lead
  • Embrace change more effectively in the new world of work

Change is a part of life but it can be hard. Richard Gerver will explore our approach to change, how we experience it and what steps we can take to make positive progress in the face of uncertainty.

We will explore how organisations are adapting to the seismic changes we are currently experiencing as well as our own personal reactions. Richard will suggest ways to embrace change, encourage collaboration and harness the power of curiosity and confidence.

You’ll leave the session better equipped to deal with, and lead others through, difficult transitions.

In order to fully participate in this virtual event, you will need a Zoom account, a webcam and microphone. The session will be recorded but will be available only to those who have booked a place on the webinar.

Richard Gerver's picture
Richard Gerver

Richard Gerver is one of the most celebrated speakers in the world. His insights into purpose, change and leadership have seen him work with organisations from Google to Harrods and Deloitte to Technicolor. His influence has led to him advising the music industry and Olympic and elite sports organisations throughout the world. His mantra remains the same: systems and structures change nothing; people do. Richard is the author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed business books Simple Thinking and Change: Learn to Love It, Learn to Lead It as well as Tomorrow's Schools Today and his most recent book Education: A Manifesto for Change published in April 2019.