What Our Package Holders Say

Big Yellow

Big Yellow

How we’ve used LBF events:

We were looking for a practical and inspirational alternative form of development which would be applicable across all functions and levels. Recognising that the involvement and ideas of our people was key to success, our aim was to inspire and motivate individuals through providing the opportunity to hear the latest developments and ideas from key business leaders and speakers.

We purchase a Big Team Package on an annual basis which enables us to provide each manager with an allocated number of places to be used by their team. Events are used to facilitate individual development and also to reward and recognise success. In addition, individuals are referred to the London Business Forum website for full audios of past events.

Our experience:

The London Business Forum has enabled our people to attend a variety of events across a wide range of business issues. Individuals have been motivated and inspired by the leadership, business acumen and inspiration of speakers such as Richard Branson, Bob Geldof, Ranulph Fiennes and Gordon Ramsay, to whom they would not otherwise have had access.